Thunder Stones have been a part of the Pokemon world since the first generation of games. At that time, it could only evolve two Pokemon. Eight generations later, a Thunder Stone can evolve as many as five Pokemon. Five is very little in comparison to the over 800 Pokemon that now exist in the Pokedex since Pokemon Sword & Shield came out. True to the stone's name though, it is only usable on Pokemon that can evolve into Electric-types.

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The difficulty in Sword & Shield is not in obtaining a Thunder Stone itself, but in knowing what Pokemon it can evolve and where to catch those Pokemon. Thunder Stones can easily be obtained through the Digging Duo or from just finding it in the wild. While some Pokemon that use the Thunder Stone can be caught in Sword & Shield, there are also some that are not in the game or its expansions.

Updated on August 25th, 2021, by Allison Stalberg: With new Pokemon games coming out, trainers of Sword & Shield are working hard to complete everything they want to get done in the Nintendo Switch RPGs. This means completing the story, the Pokedex, and all the DLC content. To be a completionist of Sword & Shield, a player has to know where to find Thunder Stones and which Pokemon to use them on. With so many generations, there are only a couple of Pokemon that a Thunder Stone is useful for. Despite only being used on a few Pokemon, Thunder Stones are pretty easy to obtain in Sword & Shield.

Where To Find Thunder Stones

  • There is a chance for the Digging Duo to sometimes unearth Thunder Stones. Just have the Watts to pay them and try every day.
  • One can be found in North Lake Miloch in the Wild Area.
  • One can sometimes be found at the Lake of Outrage behind one of the large stones forming a circle.

Eevee To Jolteon

One of the original users of the Thunder Stone, Eevee can evolve into Jolteon with the stone. Jolteon is one of the three Eevee evolutions from generation one, each of which uses a stone to evolve. For example, Fire Stone will evolve Eevee into a Flareon and a Water Stone will evolve it into a Vaporeon.

Pokedex Info On Jolteon

  • Type: Electric
  • Generation Introduced: Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow
  • Base Stats: Highest in Speed. Lowest in Defense.
  • Interesting Fact: Has the highest base Speed of any Eevee evolution.

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How To Catch Eevee And Jolteon

Eevee can be found in Route 4 of Sword & Shield. Luckily, it can appear in day or not and is not weather dependent. It can be found overworld or randomly in the grass. However, it does have a low spawn rate so players will need to be patient. It can be worth catching as many as eight Eevees while there so that each one can evolve into a different type. Players should consider that if they are trying to complete their Pokedex. As for when to use a stone of the Eevee, some players like to wait a bit while others use the stone ASAP.

As for Jolteon, one can sometimes be found overworld at the Lake of Outrage during Thunderstorms.

Pikachu To Raichu

Pikachu is the second generation one Pokemon to make use of the Thunder Stone. It, along with Eevee, is often the first Pokemon players remember when thinking of what uses a Thunder Stone. After all, the Pokemon anime made a big deal out of Ash's choice to not evolve his Pikachu with a Thunder Stone. Also, Pikachu can pack a punch in the games despite its small size.

Pokedex Info On Raichu

  • Type: Electric
  • Generation Introduced: Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow.
  • Base Stats: Highest in Speed. Lowest in Defense.
  • Interesting Fact: Raichu is in every regional Pokedex except for Unova.

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How To Catch Pikachu And Raichu

In Pokemon Sword & Shield, wild Pikachu can spawn at two locations. The first location is actually shared with Eevee, Route 4. Pikachu's spawn rate there is a little more common than Eevee. It is easier to catch there too because it is not weather or time-of-day dependent. Another way to get a Pikachu is in the Stony Wilderness, but only during Rain or Thunderstorm weather. If the player wants a male or female, keep an eye on its tail shape. Female Pikachu have a heart-shaped tail while males have a lightning-shaped one. However, when they evolve into a Raichu, there is no gender difference in its design.

A Raichu must be evolved from a Pikachu. They cannot be caught in the wild.

Magneton To Magnezone

While Magneton existed since the first games, Magnezone was not introduced until generation four. Like Magneton, it is an Electric and Steel-type Pokemon.

Pokedex Info On Magnezone

  • Type: Steel/Electric
  • Generation Introduced: Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.
  • Base Stats: Highest in Special Attack. Lowest in Speed.
  • Interesting Fact: Despite floating, Magnezone does not have the ability Levitate, so it can be affected by Ground-type moves like Earthquake.

How To Catch Magnemite, Magneton, and Magnezone

Magneton cannot be caught in the wild in Sword & Shield but its starting evolution, Magnemite, can. Magnemite will evolve into Magneton once it reaches level 30 anyway. Then the player can use a Thunder Stone to turn the Magneton into a Magnezone. Magnemite between levels 10 and 15 can be caught at Challenge Beach in any weather. However, for the highest spawn rate, it is best to seek them out during Sunny weather.

Magnezone can only be obtained through evolution.

Eelektrik To Eelektross

Part of a three-stage evolution, starting with Tynamo, this pure Electric-type Pokemon was introduced in the Black and White generation. They can easily be mistaken for Water-types, due to their eel-like design.

Pokedex Info On Eelektross

  • Type: Electric
  • Generation Introduced: Black and White.
  • Base Stats: Highest in Attack. Lowest in Speed.
  • Interesting Fact: Its pre-evolved forms are the only Pokemon with absolutely no type weaknesses.

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How To Catch Tynamo, Eelekrik, and Eelektross

Eelektrik and its evolution line are not obtainable in Sword & Shield. Even trainers with it in their Pokemon Home boxes will have to wait for future games to use one of these past the Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon titles. This evolution line is pretty far from known classics though, so few players miss it. On the bright side, that is one less Thunderstone needed to complete the Pokedex.

Charjabug To Vikavolt

This Electric and Bug-type Pokemon is another three stage evolution. Starting from a Grubbin, it evolves to a Charjabug at level 20 and to a Vikavolt with a Thunder Stone. These Pokemon were introduced in the more recent generation: Sun and Moon.

Pokedex Info On Vikavolt

  • Type: Bug/Electric
  • Generation Introduced: Sun and Moon.
  • Base Stats: Highest in Special Attack. Lowest in Speed.
  • Interesting Fact: Has the highest base Special Attack of all Bug-types.

Where To Catch Grubbin, Charabug, And Vikavolt

Unlike Eelektrik, Charjabug can be caught in Sword & Shield. It can be found in Axew's Eye during Rain, the Dusty Bowl during Thunderstorms, and Hammerlocke Hills during Thunderstorms. For the highest spawn rate, players should go to Axew's Eye. It can be much easier to just evolve Charjabug from a Grubbin, as Grubbin can be caught in any kind of weather as soon in the game as Route 1.

For a Vikavolt, they can sometimes be found overworld during normal weather, Overcast, Intense Sun, and Sandstorm in the Giant's Seat.

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