Water Stones have been a part of Pokemon evolution since the first games. To this day, most of the Pokemon that evolve with a Water Stone are from Generation 1. Out of the 898 Pokemon that exist since the Sword & Shield titles, there are just six Pokemon that use the Water Stone.

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All evolution stones are easily accessible in Sword & Shield through the Digging Duo, PokeJobs, and just by exploring the open-world inspired map. Though while finding a Water Stone may be simple, knowing and finding that Pokemon use the stone to evolve can be more challenging. After all, catching certain Pokemon not only depends on location but weather as well. On top of that, certain locations have higher spawns rates than others. Players would rather catch Pokemon quickly than search in the tall grass for hours.

Updated on August 19th, 2021, by Allison Stalberg: New Pokemon games such as Pokemon Legends: Arceus and the Diamond & Pearl remake are being waited for with bated breath by fans of Game Freak's iconic franchise. Pokemon Legends is slated to come out in January of next year, so now is to time to get everything done in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Water Stones are a must-have for any player completing their Pokedex, as certain evolutions are only possible through them. Luckily, they are not that hard to come by in the Sword & Shield games.

Where To Find Water Stones

  • Water Stones can sometimes be found behind the large rocks across from the Lake of Outrage. A Rotom Bike upgrade is required to cross the water. There is a daily drop of a different evolution stone.
  • There is a Water Stone in the Wild Area in Bridge Field. Go to the Pokemon Nursery and go straight until reaching a brick wall on the left.
  • The Digging Duo at the Bridge Field Wild Area also can sometimes dig up Water Stones. They do require Watts as payment.

Eevee To Vaporeon

Eevee is a popular Generation 1 Pokemon, and not only because it is cute. It can evolve into a ton of different types by using evolution stones, friendship, and learning specific move types. When used with a Water Stone at any level, Eevee evolves into the Water-type Vaporeon.

Pokedex Info On Vaporeon

  • Type: Water
  • Generation Introduced: Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.
  • Base Stats: Strongest in HP and Special Attack, weakest in Attack and Defense.
  • Interesting Fact: It has the highest base HP of all Eevee evolutions.

Where To Catch Eevee And Vaporeon

For Eevee fans or just those who want to complete the Pokedex, they may want to catch as many as seven versions of the Pokemon to get every evolution. Eevees in Sword & Shield can be captured at Route 4. However, their spawn rates are not that high so it may take some patience to catch one, let alone seven. On the bright side, Eevee is not weather locked and be caught day or night.

Vaporeon can sometimes appear outside of the grass during rainy weather at the Lake of Outrage.

Poliwhirl To Poliwrath

Another Generation 1 Pokemon, Poliwhirl evolves from a Poliwag but requires a Water Stone to fully evolve into a Poliwrath. So it is what people call a "second stage evolution." It is important to remember that Poliwhirl can also evolve into Politoed, but only if it is traded while holding a King's Rock. Just using a Water Stone to turn it into a Poliwrath is must easier. Also, it becomes a dual-type of Water and Fighting rather than just pure Water.

Pokedex Info On Poliwrath

  • Type: Water/Fighting
  • Generation Introduced: Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.
  • Base Stats: Strongest in Defense and Special Defense, weakest in Special Attack and Speed.
  • Interesting Fact: Poliwrath's design is based on a real animal called a glass frog.

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Where To Catch Poliwag, Poliwhirl, And Poliwrath

In Sword & Shield, Poliwhirl cannot be found naturally in the wild. Players will have to catch a Poliwag and evolve it, and luckily Poliwag are catch-able at the Brawlers' Cave. They can easily be found as well because they are overworld spawns. Once caught, just level up the Poliwag to level 25 and it will evolve into a Poliwhirl and a Water Stone can be used to turn it into a Poliwrath.

To catch a Poliwrath without a stone, the player will need the Isle of Armor DLC and explore Brawlers' Cave. Other than that, it can be found in certain Max Raid Battles.

Shellder To Cloyster

Yet another Generation 1 pure Water-type, Shellder evolves into a Cloyster when exposed to a Water Stone.

Pokedex Info On Cloyster

  • Type: Water/Ice
  • Generation Introduced: Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.
  • Base Stats: Strongest in Defense, Weakest in Special Defense.
  • Interesting Fact: Cloyster is tied with Mega Slowbro and the Water-type Pokemon with the highest base Defense.

Where To Catch Shellder And Cloyster

In Sword & Shield, Shellder can be found at East Lake Axewell, West Lake Axewell, and the Giant's Seat. For the highest spawn rate, it is recommended to actually catch a Shellder by fishing in the Giant's Seat. The spawn rate there is a 60 percent chance and Shellder will be between level 30 to 35. In East Lake Axewell, they have overworld spawns but the rates depend on the weather (its highest spawn rate there is during rain). For West Lake Axewell, Shellder only appear when it is snowing.

To catch an actual Cloyster, it can be found in the Isle of Armor DLC at the Courageous Cavern and Loop Lagoon. In the base game, it can be found via fishing at the Giant's Seat, but it has a very low chance of coming up.

Staryu To Starmie

Well known as one of Misty's signature Water-type Pokemon from both the anime and games, Staryu is a Generation 1 Pokemon that evolves into Starmie with a Water Stone. Like many others that evolve with a Water Stone, Staryu changes from a pure Water-type Pokemon to a duel type, adding Psychic-type to the mix.

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Pokedex Info On Starmie

  • Type: Water/Psychic
  • Generation Introduced: Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.
  • Base Stats: Strongest stats are Special Attack and Speed, weakest stats are HP and Attack.
  • Interesting Fact: Despite having no gender, Starmie could learn Attract in Gen 2 games. Of course, this would be ineffective on any Pokemon.

Where to Catch Staryu And Starmie

There is only one location to get a Staryu in Sword & Shield and it is Challenge Beach. Staryu roam overworld there and have a 100 percent spawn rate. They will be low level though, between levels 10 and 15.

To catch a Starmie, the player must have the Isle of Armor DLC. In the DLC, the Pokemon can be found overworld in the Fields of Honor near the southern beach.

Lombre To Ludicolo

One of the few non-Generation 1 Pokemon to use a Water Stone, Lombre is part Water and part Grass-type and was introduced in Generation 3. Lombre evolves from a Lotad at level 14 but needs a Water Stone to reach its final form, Ludicolo.

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Pokedex Info On Ludicolo

  • Type: Water/Grass
  • Generation Introduced: Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.
  • Base Stats: Strongest in Special Attack and Special Defense, weakest in Speed.
  • Interesting Fact: Ludicolo and its evolution line are the only Grass/Water duel types out there.

How To Catch Lotad, Lombre, And Ludicolo

The first important thing to know is that Lotad and its evolution line are Shield exclusive Pokemon. That means players who own Pokemon Sword have no way to catch one other than by trade. For those that have Shield, Lotad can be caught overworld at West Lake Axewell when the weather is Overcast.

The highest spawn rate of Lombres is at the Giant's Seat at 60 percent when the weather is rainy (though they are catch-able during normal weather too, but with only a spawn rate of 25 percent). At the Giant's Seat, Lombre levels will be between 33 and 38. To catch one as early as possible, they also can appear at the Rolling Fields when the weather is rainy, but only will be found randomly in the tall grass, not overworld.

For a Ludicolo, Shield players can sometimes find one wandering in the Dappled Grove during normal weather, Overcast, Rain, Heavy Fog, or Thunderstorm.

Panpour To Simipour

Part of a trio of elemental monkeys introduced in the Black & White generation, Panpour is a pure Water-type that can evolve with a Water Stone to turn into another pure Water-type, Simipour.

Pokedex Info On Simipour

  • Type: Water
  • Generation Introduced: Black and White.
  • Base Stats: Strongest in Attack, Special Attack, and Speed. Weakest in HP, Defense, and Special Defense.
  • Interesting Fact: In the Personality Assessment and Horoscope show in the Black and White games, Simipour is said to be corresponding with Aquarius.

How To Catch Panpour And Simipour

If you love these elemental monkeys, then there is bad news. Panpour, Pansear, and Pansage are all unavailable in the Sword & Shield games. Players who have these Pokemon in Pokemon Home will not be able to transfer them.

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