For as long as the Avengers have been around, the heroes and fans alike have debated over who the strongest Avenger actually is. Most people consider Thor or The Hulk when asking themselves who the toughest hero is and viewers were even given a chance to see these two powerful giants duke it out on screen during Thor: Ragnarok to put the question to rest once and for all.

Recently, however, Wanda Maximoff has taken the title of strongest Avenger and put all the other heroes to shame with her incredible power. Scarlet Witch has proven herself to be the strongest Avenger time and time again in previous MCU films and is on track to defeat her final obstacles as she progresses through Marvel’s Phase 4. 

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Wanda made her official debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron as one half of the evil sibling duo whose only goal in life was to kill Tony Stark. Right off the bat, she gave the Avengers a run for their money with her ability to psychologically manipulate them into seeing their worst fears. Wanda managed to take down Tony, Thor, Steve, and Natasha with nothing more than a wave of her hand, and later in the movie, Wanda’s grief over her brother’s death allowed her to take out dozens of Ultron’s AI soldiers without doing anything at all. When she fell to her knees, her emotions created a burst of energy in which she completely obliterated multiple enemies without even trying, proving that she’s stronger than fans initially realized.

In Captain America: Civil War, Wands starts the action off with a bang (literally) when she stops a bomb mid-explosion. As viewers saw, Wanda was able to contain the blast, but her lack of control caused her to accidentally redirect the explosion into a building full of people. Throughout the entirety of Civil War, Wanda is forced to confront the fear she harbors within herself over the magnitude of her powers and her lack of knowledge about her own capabilities.

Regardless, she has already managed to do what the other Avengers couldn’t in the early stages of her development. Wanda has killed Ultron, stopped a deadly blast when Steve allowed himself to be distracted, and even took down her boyfriend when he tried to prevent her from leaving Stark Tower. Despite the lack of control Wanda has over herself, she’s managed to remain in complete control of the rest of the Avengers, all while having a limited understanding of her own strength.

By the time Avengers: Infinity War rolls around, Wanda has learned a bit more about herself and she appears to be much more in control than she has in the past. She starts by levitating six of Thanos’ Q-Ships and using his own technology against him to destroy the alien mutants in his army.

Later on, in perhaps one of the most heartbreaking scenes in Marvel history, she destroys Vision’s infinity stone with one hand while holding Thanos back with the other. No other character in the MCU has been able to destroy an infinity stone before, but Wanda does so single-handedly. The fact that she can destroy an infinity stone in itself is an impressive feat, but holding back the man who is in possession of the other five proves that she has more strength than any other hero fans have ever seen before.

The only reason Wanda’s plan didn’t work is because of the time stone, which is something she has no previous experience with. Time travel and the multiverse aren’t things that any of the Avengers have had to deal with before, so her failure cannot be blamed on her lack of strength or power. If Thanos didn’t already have the time stone on his side, Wanda would have easily defeated him all by herself. 

It’s difficult to pinpoint when exactly WandaVision takes place, but many fans suspect that it’s set about a month after the events of Avengers: Endgame. After years of being part of a team and trying to find her place in the world, WandaVisions overarching theme is that Wanda is finally growing into herself and learning who she is without the rest of the Avengers by her side. Although WandaVision doesn’t focus as much on the action-packed heroics of the Scarlet Witch, it explores her inner strength and her ability to survive any time her enemies push back.

Wanda’s biggest obstacle has always been her lack of knowledge and understanding about her own powers and she has no true physical limitations. The only thing that’s ever managed to beat her was the time stone given to Thanos by Doctor Strange. Wanda is expected to make an appearance in the upcoming film Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness, meaning she’ll gain more exposure to sorcerers and figure out how their powers work. This means that Wanda will have a better understanding of the only thing that’s ever managed to stand in her way. Once she masters time travel and conquers the multiverse, Scarlet Witch will officially be limitless.

As she completes her journey of self-growth throughout the rest of Marvel’s Phase 4, there will be no question that Wanda Maximoff has been and always will be the strongest Avenger. 

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